Surfeminism.com was founded by Nicole Grodesky . Her goal is to create a community-based forum and online resource for all topics related to gender issues in surfing as well as topics of race, LGBT, environmentalism, activism and more. This site is for all surfers, both women, and men, who are interested in speaking up on issues and creating a community to empower women in surfing and help build a better future for the next generation of female surfers. Surfeminism.com is a place to bring women (and men) together on a variety of topics to share ideas, projects, and opinions.

 The term “Surfeminism” was coined by pro surfer and activist, Cori Schumacher  You can read more about how she describes Surfemisnism on her website. After attending the Institute for Women Surfers, Nicole was inspired by the term Surfeminism and thus Surfeminism.com was born.

About Surfeminism - Nicole Grodesky
Left: Nicole Grodesky Right: Institute for Women Surfers 2015
Feel free to create an account and contribute blog articles, forum topics, and engage in comments attached to articles. Once you become a member you can connect with others and form your own network.

All users are encouraged to express their opinions but remain tactful. Trolling and bullying will not be tolerated.
What is the definition of feminism?  You are a feminist (men can be feminist too) if you believe the following:

Feminism Definition

  • The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.
  • An organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests.

About Nicole:

Nicole is an avid surfer with over 20 years of surfing experience. Along her travels, she took her camera with her and started documenting the people and places that inspired her. In the early 2000s, Nicole began submitting her work to online magazines and print publications. Her photography and feature articles have been published in Surf Shot Magazine, Surfline.com, Surf Life for Women and SG Magazine. Published works include ASP contest coverage, NSSA contest coverage, Home Break with Holly Beck, Home Break with Erica Hosseini, Ornella Pellizzari feature article, Alisa Schwarzstein-Cairns interview, Jenny Quam feature, Costa Rica and Santa Barbara travel stories.

Her photography has been exhibited at The Surf Indian Gallery, Gallery 104, The Huntington Beach Surf Museum, The California Surf Museum and the Surfing Heritage Museum.

While freelancing and surfing Trestles, Nicole earned a degree from California State University, Fullerton with a B.A. in Communications. After graduating, she decided to create an online magazine for women in action sports and co-founded DYLA Magazine. While launching the website, Nicole learned about managing online publishing through robust content management systems, search engine optimization, social media integration, and user-friendly web design.

She gained further experience at an interactive marketing/advertising agency in San Diego where she learned more technical aspects of search engine optimization, content marketing, link building, blogger outreach, local search optimization, lead generation, paid search marketing, and email marketing.