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The Other Project
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Short Business Description: The OTHER Project creates community, promotes diversity, and inspires folks by organizing events that celebrate the untold stories in surf and skate cultures.
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The concept of the Other was part of Hegelian philosophy in the 1800s, and was adapted by Simone de Beauvoir in the 1900s as a way to discuss male-dominated cultures. In 1957, Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique, a novel that began to challenge the idea that gender inequality cannot change. Rooted in these theories, the OTHER Project continues to question the status quo by creating our own industries, media, and communities – ultimately positioning the OTHER as dominant and free.

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Salud y Cariño
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Short Business Description: Salud y Cariño opens doors for girls to take action and gain confidence through physical activity and healthy choices to live their best lives now.

Salud y Cariño partners with other community based organizations to promote health and wellness for girls through physical activity, prevention and education.
Business Website Address: Salud y Cariño
Business Phone Number: 831-426-8265
Returning Wave
Address: 1048 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94103-4024
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Short Business Description: Promoting education through the love of surfing.
We nurture the creative strength of stewardship in young people by partnering with communities and schools at the locations we surf in. We create after-school, surfing programs that keep the children in school by offering the incentive of surfing lessons, and access to surfboards. Balikbayod—Returning Wave teaches youth respect for the majestic beauty of the ocean and in themselves. We are taking a piece of our surf culture here in California, and sharing it with the growing surf community of Siargao.We aim to travel responsibly as surfers and as tourists, and plan to give back to the international communities we visit by bringing recycled surfboards, surfing with the local children and teaching workshops in the arts and trade
Business Website Address: Returning Wave
Business Phone Number: 415-494-7699
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Short Business Description: Since its inception, EXPOSURE has sought to expand its message of female empowerment by raising money for survivors of domestic violence. Each year, the events raise awareness throughout the community and EXPOSURE Skate donates a portion of their proceeds to local domestic violence shelters.

The desire to spread EXPOSURE’s message of empowerment moved Lesli Cohen and Amelia Brodka to co-found EXPOSURE Skate, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Under its nonprofit moniker, EXPOSURE Skate began to spread its inspiring message through the education system by bringing exciting skate demos and talks to schools throughout the world. The same year, the nonprofit created the largest women’s skateboarding event. The event included a $20,000 prize purse and competitors from all over the world.
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Action Sports Alliance
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Short Business Description: The Alliance is a non-profit association of professional women skateboarders and other action sports athletes who have united to develop and promote their sport by empowering and encouraging young women’s participation as well as increasing professional opportunities.
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