It Ain’t Pretty: A Documentary Film


It Ain’t Pretty is a film about women who surf San Francisco’s Ocean Beach and a movement that has women forging new tides in Women’s Big wave Surfing. Over the course of 3 years we followed and documented the stories of these Bay Area women. We explored what drives their passion, talking with a variety of women from a range of different surfing ability and skill, from the driven beginner to the professional big wave surfer in order to investigate what it is that draws each of these women to surf these unforgiving waters.

Surfing in the Bay Area is not the sunny, bikini-babe lifestyle that is portrayed in the media. It is cold, foggy, heavy and in the Red Triangle, the natural habitat for great white sharks. On any given day a female surfer headed out to surf Ocean Beach will usually find that she is the only woman in sight. It Ain’t Pretty explores how these factors affect each woman.

From the editor: Look for updates about this film! It is due to release soon and will be premiering around the world.