Silvana Lima Wins Los Cabos Open of Surf QS *6,000

Thirty-four-year-old Silvana Lima has a few new sponsors, a coach, and now rides Sharp Eye surfboards. She has the confidence of a winner and it shows in her surfing. It’s smooth and more refined. Lima’s coach has been a big help with that new fluid style. Don’t let her style fool you though, she’s still fierce. The new Sharp Eye Surfboards look great under her feet, too. The stickers from Oi, Kommunity, and Neutrox absolutely rock! Lima rode the Holy Toledo Sharp Eye model to victory during the 2017 Los Cabos Open of Surf. Here is how she won it in the fun 3-5 foot waves in the Zippers  beach break:

 Silvana Lima Wins Los Cabo Pro 2017
A stoked Silvana Lima getting dumped on by runner-up Bronte Macaulay. Photo © Los Cabos Open of Surf

Lima’s run to the Top

Lima’s hot streak began with a fourth round heat score of 14.60, leaving Summer Macedo, Koby Enright, and Holly Wawn in her wake. Lima upped the ante in round 5 by taking down Dimity Styole and Chelsea Tuach with a combined heat score of 15.37. From there, Lima blazed through round 6, dominating Bailey Nagy with a score of 16.00 to Nagy’s 7.74. Tough luck for the kid. It was easy to see Lima’s confidence on the rise with every heat win. Her dominance led her into the quarterfinals where she demolished Dimity Stoyle; scoring a two-wave total of  14.90 to Stoyles 8.60. Lima left another one done and dusted.

However, Lima’s winning streak almost came to an end when she met an in-form Keely Andrew in the semi-finals. The two of them surfed wave for wave with several lead changes throughout the heat. Lima stayed cool and did not let the pressure get the best of her. She won the heat with a score of 16.19, leaving Andrew holding a 15.27.

The final is where Lima met up with last year’s champion Bronte Macaulay and it’s the heat in which Lima’s new coach really paid off. She likes to catch all the waves and he tells her to hold back. As a result of listening, she went on to win with a score of 15.84 to Macaulay’s 11.5.

Words from the Champ:

“I feel so happy, I can’t thank everyone from here enough for all their support over the years so this for all of them,” Lima said. “Bronte is such an amazing surfer and it was great to surf against her in that Final. That was the first time I wasn’t nervous out there and just kept telling myself to surf my best, and that’s all I need to do.It’s a proud moment that I’ll never forget after getting so close every year and now to win is a dream come true,” Lima added. “I’m so comfortable out here with all the guys telling me this is your year and I started to believe it more and more. This is great confidence to take home and start training for the Supergirl, but I’m going to enjoy this day and just soak it all in.”

This win catapulted Lima into Number 2 on the QS!
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