If She Can Do It, So Can I: Kim Woozy at TEDx

 Are girls interested in sports?Are girls interested in sports?

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Originally Published on Nov 13, 2013

In 2010, Kim Woozy founded MAHFIA, a web tv channel that exposes the untold stories of females in action sports culture. MAHFIA’s mission is to promote females for their accomplishments and offer inspiration and entertainment for girls who are interested in the creative lifestyle of skateboarding, snowboarding and surf culture.

MAHFIA is an example of an independent modern day story telling vehicle that could not have existed less than a decade ago. Woozy utilizes the resources of today’s technology to reach an audience around the world. She has created a new narrative that can captivate a generation of young females in a way that traditional media cannot. Independent alternative media created by females is increasingly important and extremely crucial in combating the dangerous stereotypes that mainstream media imposes on impressionable young teens.

A product of the millennial generation, Kim Woozy was born and raised in the heart of Northern California’s Bay Area. Her childhood was influenced by the juxtaposition of San Francisco’s rich cultural diversity, Silicon Valley’s technological innovation and the Sierra Nevada’s epic outdoor adventures. Woozy discovered her passion for videography at the young age of seventeen when she got her hands on her first digital camcorder. She moved to San Diego in 2002 and earned a BA in Visual Arts Media at the University of California, San Diego. After graduating magna cum laude, she was determined to combine her passion of art and sport and began her career in San Diego’s deeply rooted action sports industry.

Action sports gave Woozy an opportunity to find her life path and identity at a young age thus planting a deep seed of desire to give back to the community and positively grow the culture. She aims to authentically construct the future of action sports for females as well as introduce the culture to young girls around the world and change their lives forever.

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