Interview With We Are Creative Adventurers: Giulia Bacci

Photos by:  Nikelle Lovaas & Keelee Lovaas

1. Who are the creators behind We Are Creative Adventurers?

Hi, I’m Giulia Bacci and I am the creator of We Are Creative Adventurers. Currently, I work as a graphic designer in Encinitas, CA but I was born and raised in Florence, Italy. I am a self-proclaimed world traveler, adventurer, and happy soul and have lived in a number of places around the word. I went to Lisbon, Portugal to study one year of architecture through a study abroad program and then got my Masters in graphic design and communications at the Saint Martin school of Art and Design in London. After earning my degree, I moved to New York; I loved it but the chaos of city life shifted me towards the relaxed lifestyle of California.

2. How did the project get started?
The project was born during a time of self-reflection. I asked myself what happiness means to me and what happiness doesn’t mean to me. I wrote down my answers and found that for me, it is being able to adventure, live creatively, create friendships, give back, and pursue outdoor activities; more specifically surf, yoga, and snowboarding.

3. What is We Are Creative Adventurers all about? What can a participant expect?
We Are Creative Adventurers is a travel experience empowering women to discover their passions and create change.

Our retreats are focused on creating a community of empowered women who love to travel while giving back to the areas they travel to.

Participants can expect 6-7 days of full cultural immersion and a new sense of well-being and community.

We are Creative Adventures Surf Trips

4. Tell us about some future events you have coming up and why they are so unique.
This coming September and October are months scheduled full of adventures.
We are doing two trips in Italy; one will be a yoga retreat with renowned yogi Morgan Haley in Amalfi while the other in Tuscany will focus on living life as a work of art. It will be a complete cultural immersion through the food and art of Florence. In mid-October, we have scheduled a trip to Morocco which will focus on surfing and learning to use natural dyes.

These trips are so unique because although we emphasize traveling as a self-fulfilling aspect of life, we also promote the importance of giving back and recognizing the people of that specific community.

We Are Creative Adventures Surf Trip Schedule

5. How do you see We Are Creative Adventurers evolving?
There are so many unique adventures in the works for 2018. One of our main focuses for these upcoming trips would be to work on a sustainable tourism project.
We want to collaborate with small local farms, sustainable brands and choose sustainable hotels and accommodations around the world to increase our giving back to the local communities.

And also keep working with local artist and organizing a workshop to express our creativities in so many different ways.

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IG – @we_are_creative_adventurers


Nicole Grodesky

Nicole is an avid surfer with over 20 years of surfing experience. Along her travels, she took her camera with her and started documenting the people and places that inspired her. In the early 2000s Nicole began submitting her work to online magazines and print publications. Her photography and feature articles have been published in Surf Shot Magazine,, Surf Life for Women and SG Magazine. Published works include: ASP contest coverage, NSSA contest coverage, Home Break with Holly Beck, Home Break with Erica Hosseini, Ornella Pellizzari feature article, Alisa Schwarzstein-Cairns interview, Jenny Quam feature, Costa Rica and Santa Barbara travel stories.