Lacey Baker Goes Her Own Way

All to often in action sports female athletes are pressured to be “hot” according to men. There is pressure to satisfy the male gaze and forced to dress and act in a way that goes against their comfort zone. Everyone knows that not being yourself and forcing yourself to conform to something that isn’t you is miserable.

In this short film, Lacey Baker, a professional skateboarder, talks about how she used to force herself to conform, but one day decided to give all that up. She partnered up with a couple other ladies and created their own business Meow Skateboards.

The idea behind Meow Skateboards is to develop a skate industry for women by women. This empowers women to be themselves and not feel pressured to look or act a certain way.


FACETS – Ep 3 – Lacey Baker // Defiant Skateboarder from Yoko Okumura on Vimeo.

FACETS // Showcasing the lives of women who have carved unique life paths for themselves.
LACEY BAKER // Badass Skateboarder | Industry Disrupter

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