“Timeless Areas” Film Featuring Skateboarding Pioneer, Elissa Steamer


San Francisco, CA, March 28, 2018 — SeaLevelTV is proud to announce the upcoming release and tour of Timeless Areas, a short documentary about skateboarding legend and entrepreneur, Elissa Steamer, will premier in Seattle, Washington during the 9th Annual Wheels of Fortune / Skate Like a Girl event on May 5th.

Steamer is an American professional street skater who is acknowledged as the first woman to have attained professional status in the history of skateboarding.

Timeless Areas (an anagram of “Elissa Steamer”) is a short documentary film that covers historically important moments in Elissa’s life journey. Steamer delivers an unvarnished narrative from humble beginnings as a street skater in 1980’s Fort Myers, Florida to her breakthrough via Ed Templeton’s Toy Machine team in the male-dominated world of 1990’s street skating. The film follows her to present-day life as a San Francisco-based surfer, skater and entrepreneur, founding “Gnarhunters” a surf/skate apparel brand whose simple motto #sometimesskateboardinginvolvessurfing is a true depiction of the inner workings of Steamer’ irreverent, always busy mind.

Whether it was brutal beatings from skate accidents or self-inflicted pain from drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence, the path was never smooth or easy for Steamer. But her undeniable talent, iron will and close knit posse of believers carried her to the relative state of grace where she resides today, standing more confident and purposeful than ever. Steamer credits surfing as the lever that helped her cast off the rusty chains of addiction, giving her the resolve to attack the lip, bomb the next hill or take her brand to the next level of prosperity. She openly accepts her status as an inherently flawed human and bravely celebrates the healing properties of baring her soul as a way to flourish in this crazy world.

For all her “firsts” and pioneering moments in the skateboarding world, Elissa Steamer is disarmingly humble and brutally honest, never sugarcoating anything — frequently landing on simple yet nuanced observations about flowing through life:

“I had no plan. I was like, pftt. I finished high school, just smoking pot and partying and skating and that’s all I did. But I mean, just from the feedback that people gave me, I was like, oh this is something I’m gonna do. And then I started getting free boards from people. Everybody that came around was like, oh you rip here have a board and that’s when I was like, yeah, I should probably keep skating. But I didn’t know I would make it like a life or a living or have the impact that I did doing it, you know? It was just like, what I enjoyed.”

Partners for the Timeless Areas West Coast tour include, Skate Like a Girl, Gnarhunters, Reel Grrls, Skate Witches, Northwest Film Forum, and Mahfia.TV.

“Timeless Areas”: Elissa Steamer is a skateboarding legend with a preternatural intrepid, creative spirit. Credit: Beth O’Rourke / SeaLevelTV


The ninth annual Wheels of Fortune (WOF) Weekend will take place Friday May 4th through Sunday May 6th, 2018 in Seattle, WA.

WOF is a weekend long celebration of non-traditional skaters, culminating in a contest Sunday afternoon that features competitors from all over the world, with categories from ages 12 and under to 30 plus. It’s also featured some of the world’s best professional female-identified competitors, including current SLS Super Crown World Champion, Lacey Baker, and has become a “must-attend” event on the calendar of she-redders globally.
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Production Notes

Directed by Beth O’Rourke and Jeff den Broeder / SeaLevelTV

Cinematography and Edit by Jeff den Broeder

Produced and Written by Beth O’Rourke

Additional footage Ed Templeton, (more to come)

Original Score Mike Morasky

Title Design David Powell

Transcription John Eggers

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