Interview With Female Skateboarding Pioneer Cindy Whitehead

Have you ever wanted to skateboard down the freeway?! Me too, except please don’t try that at home because you will most likely die!

Cindy Whitehead managed to sneak in a session on the L.A.’s busiest freeway one day and also did some other wild things. She was one of the first females to get a centerfold plus two-page article in a men’s skateboard magazine, and she’s become a renowned sports stylist for everyone from Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Drew Brees to Mia Hamm and Peyton Manning.

Cindy shares about: Breaking barriers, rules of the road and literally avoiding road rash.
How to get a hold of people like Joan Jett when you need them.
What to do if you are a little girl or adult (man or woman) with a dream.
How to listen to your gut and do what you want regardless of what others think.


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